Wednesday, May 14, 2008


My son is three and refuses to potty train. Anna was almost three when she finally let diapers go forever. It took a while at first with her because she just wasn't ready. But once she finally made up her mind that potty training was the thing to do, it was cake. I didn't have to do anything. She had maybe two accidents total from that blessed day of her good choice. Well... I mean, she's had a few more than that since but my point is, I didn't really have to train her. It's different with Matthias. I think I actually might have to work to get him potty trained. It's really hard because I work six days a week and on the weekdays we don't get home till 7 sometimes and then it's an hour and half before bedtime.... Anyway, he just doesn't think the toilet is a good idea. He pees in it frequently but not consistently. Never ever #2. I don't want to work at it. I just want it to happen and be done with.
I made him a potty chart. I thought this to be an inspired, fool-proof plan. Every time he puts it in the pot, he gets a sticker on the chart. After so many stickers, he gets M&M's, his favorite candy. But he doesn't care about the chart. He doesn't want to see stickers on the chart. If he gets a sticker, he wants it on himself. That's fine... but it ruins my plan. Plus, he still isn't any more potty trained than he was last week.

Neither of my children sleep through the night. Anna is four and Matthias is three. They're much too old to be hassling me nightly by waking. In the middle of the night, each night, they come into my room and climb into my bed. I go to bed alone and wake up sharing it with two other bodies. My bed is a twin. We don't really all three fit on it, but the kids insist. SO. Anna's chart is she gets a sticker each time she stays all night in her bed. After four weeks of stickers, she gets a bike. She really wants a bike. She asks me for one almost daily. So, she was ALL excited about this chart and completely committed to staying in her own bed. The first night of the chart, she comes into my bed. As she's climbing in, I mumble-remind her that she won't get a sticker. She says, "I know" and cuddles up beside me.
Two failure charts. Oh the sadness.


Melanie said...

You could always lock your door at night. No intruders that way! :)

Stephanie said...

Yeah but then I, and my neighbors, would have to endure terrified and deliberate and endless screams.