Friday, April 3, 2009

speedy update

I'm so like totally busy. Finals are next week! One week of this semester left! I've registered for next semester and I'm excited. I've declared a minor: English. I bought a PS2 just for the purpose of guitar hero! I got me a PS2 slim + Guitar Hero III + a wireless guitar all for $66. eBay, baby. Free shipping, even. Might be going to Lagoon in a few weeks. Kids really wanna. I really wanna. Kimmie and Kadin really wanna. It's snowing. All the time. Rexburg loves December so much that it won't let it go. Anna lost another tooth. I'm holding Anna's baby Emma right now. Anna says, "she's still zero, so be very careful with her." Today Matthias said "I have a magic puppy that turns into a rope that turns into a transformer hand." WOW! That is some puppy. Took the kids bowling the other week, that was a blast. And we saw Bedtime Stories which was really cute. School is stressful and fun and life is stressful and fun and the end.

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