Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Science Final

WELL. Today I took my science final and already got the grade. I was worried, really worried, because science and I are not close. Not remotely. We have several disagreements about what really matters. So, I'd been keeping a C through the class, which is fine by me; it's science afterall. I did get a D on one test (about cells, ugh) so I figured with Cs and Ds on my exams and anywhere between As and Fs on my daily quizzes, I needed at least a C on the COMPREHENSIVE FINAL to pass the class. I think I could have gotten a D on the final and passed, too, but I don't really know, and who wants a D on a final? Anyway. I was scared, this is science, what we've covered all through the semester, and, did I already mention it was SCIENCE? I studied but my studies made as little sense as ever (I just can't make myself care about equations involving atoms and radiation, etc.). Okay well anyway I got a C on my final. Hooray! I passed the class! My final grade for the entire class is C+, almost almost almost a B-, how cool would that have been? Two per cent away from a B-! Oh well. I passed my science class!


Melanie said...

Yay for passing classes. Your new background is perty cute too.

Stephanie said...

I hope the colors match. I'll check it at mom's Saturday

Melanie said...

Hey, go to seriouslysoblessed and tell me if you want to be nominated to date one of the matchelors. And which one. :)