Thursday, October 16, 2008


WELL I had to cancel my internet service because I don' t get paid much. Sad day for me, I tell ya. I'm at the library now, anxious that my kids over in the kid section will start screaming any minute, or that Matthias will randomly pummel and innocent child with no provocation.

My Life: The Short Answer:
Matthias was kicked out of daycare for being a bully. His daycare suggested that he might have asperger's syndrome. Odd that I never thought of that myself, since I've noticed he's a little different, and his brother Kadin has been so diagnosed. I'm now working toward a diagnosis. He does exhibit many of the characteristics. For those who don't know, Asperger's is a high functioning, mild form of autism.

I was accepted to BYU-I and, by a miracle of God, I will start in January. Don't know how I'll collect the funds, at this point.

I got a new phone and number. Verizon screwed me so I bailed and joined a family plan with my dear sister and brother in law.

Elections approach and I don't know for whom to vote.

I love blogging because it gives me a chance to say very little in many words to very few. :D I sorta stole that.

Alright then. Goodbye.


Melanie said...

For school just apply for grants and stuff. I'm sure you'll qualify. I hope you get everything with Mattie figured out soon.

Wayne said...

I echo what Melanie said. It saddens me that so much seems to be stacking against you. However, the thought occurs to me that since you felt this move was the right thing for you to do that this must be the darkness before the light. So hang in there and be open to thoughts, feelings and impressions. Sometimes they come only once. The timing is important.