Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Mysterious Reappearance of my Belongings

And Other Tales

Okay. So Monday evening, my neighbor comes over and tells me she has my suitcase in her home. YES! I'd asked her Friday, along w/ most my other neighbors, if they'd seen it, which she hadn't. She said she found it on the lawn Saturday and rescued it. I can't even fathom what happened to it. Where did it go? How did it get back home? Nothing appears to have been touched, let alone taken, however there is a new big black smudge on the exterior. That's okay; I have a phone that works now. HOORAY!


In other news, my trip was pretty fun. I like my sister. And her husband. And her son. Oh and guess what, I set my cousin up with my friend Ben so hopefully they get married becuase I dig Ben and I'd like him to be in my family. :D Hehe.

Halloween and Twilight

Tomorrow is halloween and I am going to be a sparkly vampire. OH! Speaking of, I did finish the Twilight series, and I would recommend to stay away from it. Do yourself a favor and read Goosebumps instead. Or Good Night Moon. Your time will be better spent, trust me. The only one remotely worth reading is the first one, and if you read the first one, you have to read the second one because whatever Meyer lacks, it's not lure. She does have the talent to make you want more even if you can't figure out why. The final book is the biggest letdown imaginable. My advice: don't waste your time.

Also -- don't shoot me if you read it and loved loved loved it. We can still be friends. We'll just set aside our differences and never discuss the mess that some dare call literature.

The Economy Comes to Rexburg

Yesterday at work we were all called to a meeting with the company president. "There will be no more raises, ever" he said. Well, that's what it sounded like. No raises until the economy "turns around." Ha, as if that will happen without a war. As if that will happen in just a few months. So. Bleh. I haven't even had a raise yet. And now I won't get one. At least the meeting wasn't to let us know that there will be layoffs. I think that one's in the future, though. Hooray, I will ever be frozen at sucky-pay/hr! As Cadee (from work) would say, find joy in the moment.

Hmm, speaking of joy. I was looking for Heather's parent's house -- Heather is my cousin whom I drove to Utah -- to pick her up Sunday and head back to Rexburg. She lives on this mountain. She gave me directions. I never saw the road I was supposed to turn onto, and I kept climbing this mountain thing, and pretty soon there were no houses in sight. So I thought maybe it was around the bend. But there was nothing. So then I whip out my phone but it doesn't get service where I was! So then I started to cry. Shut up, okay, I was pretty stressed. Then I remembered Cadee saying "Find joy in the moment" and I laughed aloud! So that was pretty funny. I dind't find any joy in that moment, but I did laugh. So. There ya go then.


Melanie said...

The first time we went to the Martin's house we missed the turn at Smith's and kept going and going and going. We were like the energizer battery! The road we were on eventually ended, and we were nice and close to Tooele. Woo!
P.S. The word verification thing that I have to write is hunks. Hah! Maybe you have one in your near future.

Jana Lee Bumblebee said...

Cartwheels all around for the return of your mysteriously traveled suitcase. We had a cat disappear for one week once. She came back and wouldn't tell either. We replaced her while she was gone and her nose has been out of joint ever since.

Treasa said...

You've been tagged! See my blog for details.