Thursday, April 24, 2008

Ramblings. Mostly about Subway/vampires.

I'm not really that good at organizing this page. I look at Melanie's and Janelle's and then I feel so completely inferior. I think that I should be the best at everything I do, and if I'm not then I shouldn't do it! So I'm frustrated.
I'm just a little bit kidding.

So today I had Subway for lunch. Allow me to describe my daily situation (regarding Subway.) I work in a small business complex, a little strip mall of sorts. My store is sandwiched between Subway and a Mexican bakery. Bread, all day long all I smell is delicious bread. In times of feast (like right after my tax return), I have Subway like twice a week, maybe more. In times of famine (like when I've had several days off in a row), I have a sandwich from there maybe once a week. I can't help it when I smell it ALL DAY LONG! Not to mention the bakery, mmm mmm mmm, they have some good stuff over there. Churros and those yummy bread roll things with yummy sugary pink stuff on top (not frosting. I think it's bread, too.) Anyway so today Subway was smelling particularly yummy and since tomorrow is payday, I think I can spend whatever I want and get a large meal. So I go next door.
So there's two people in front of me, a man and a woman (they're not together). The man, who I think is maybe about 30, is first and has three footlongs that he's working on. Slowly. Finally he tells the woman to go ahead of him. The woman gets a footlong as well, on wheat bread. I want to share with you everything she put on her sandwich.
In alphabetical order:

She paid full price and left. I can't imagine paying for a ton of pickles on wheat bread at Subway.

Let's get back to the man. To be honest, I'm always on the lookout for Rick. Oh, sidenote, Rick is my future husband; name subject to change upon our meeting. Anyway, I see every guy as a potential Rick until I am proven otherwise (usually by a ring on the left hand). It sucks, actually. I wish I didn't do that. It's exhausting. Anyway. I'm sorta checking him out, trying to see if his face is possibly worthy of being Rick's. Finally got a glimpse of it, and was a little taken aback. Like, in a freaked out way. His eyes are white. Everything except his pupils, which are the standard black. White! Wow. He was a nice enough guy. He took forever with his three sandwiches and he tipped the workers because of it. He looked at me directly finally (after I laughed pointedly at a lame joke he made) and I said, "do you scare children with those eyes?"
He said "I try not to, when I'm at work I wear sunglasses."
"I think my daughter would scream," said I.
"That's the reaction I look for," said he. (after claiming he tried to not scare children?)
I think I just nodded.
He continued, "I like 'em. They make me feel like me. They make me feel more at home."
I said, "Where's home? Underground somewhere?"
His reply: "you hit it."

I was at Subway with a real life vampire!!!!!!


Melanie said...

I can't believe you actually said that to him. Actually, I can believe that YOU said that to him. Sometimes I worry about your bluntness.

jjertmann said...

Whoa. Did you really say that? That sounds like a creepy subway, what with all the pickles and vampires.

jjertmann said...

You've been tagged. Visit my blog to learn more.

Treasa said...

I love reading your blog! Its 300 times more interesting than mine. I never meet vampires at subway. ;)

Stephanie said...

LOL Treasa, you're funny, it's NOT more interesting than yours! (yes, it's August and I'm just now reading this comment of yours. :)