Monday, October 31, 2011


Okay, I think it's Chrome that's preventing me from moving the pictures around, so they're basically backward. Dangit.

Well, here's the end product. Anna got tired of the wig and traded it for Matthias' beanie to keep her freezing ears warm.

This was like the 9th house of no candy.
no candy here either even though they're all decked out.
love this one. This was before we started.
My Halloween angels!

Anna was a witch and Matthias was a race car driver. Anna made it clear she wanted to be a pretty witch and a nice witch. I thought the safety goggles would be cool for Matthias but they definitely weren't. We bagged them before we went trick or treating.
A most beautiful witch!

my boy!

No one was home in my neighborhood so we went to my friend Jeff's neighborhood. His family was there and that's where my kids got their first candy. Not very many others were home though. So we went to my best friend's neighborhood and hit the jackpot. We didn't even make it a block before the kids said they were done and wanted to go home. I don't get it. I had to be TOLD it was time to go home when I was a kid! I coulda begged for candy all night long! I didn't care if my ears were freezing off. I didn't care if my feet hurt. Candy was my overwhelming priority.

I guess I can't complain that my kids prefer rest to sugar.

Overall it was a fun night. Happy Halloween!

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