Sunday, April 24, 2011

Day 7 - A picture of your most treasured item

Remember this? I'm going to finish it now! Haha. I stopped because I got stuck on this one. My most treasured item? This was very hard. I first think of my kids when I think of what I treasure. But I don't think they're items, so that didn't work. People were out. Then I thought maybe the scriptures? But then I remembered I can read those anywhere, online, on my phone, etc., and it's not the physical item itself that I treasure. I could take any old Book of Mormon or Bible and be happy with it. Then I thought maybe my piano. But then I asked myself what I would save in a fire. It wouldn't be my piano. It would be this:

That's an actual picture of my journal, which I just took today. That's another reason I didn't keep up with this; I didn't have a working computer to upload a photo, and I didn't have a working card reader to download a photo from my camera. This one I took with my iPhone anyway, which I just got a few weeks ago. I treasure this item. Inside, it's me. I guess I treasure me. Does that make me a narcissist? It's just that, if my journals were destroyed, I'd have no way to ever replace them. I think their irreplaceable status is what makes my journals my most treasured item.

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Melanie said...

Oh yeah, I'm totally there with you. Journals and pictures.