Thursday, February 4, 2010

Anna Said/Matthias Said

Anna: Mom, are we from the same world?

Matthias: Mom, when I'm a dad, will you drive me to the place to get a wife?

Matthias has a PSR worker called Carlie. She's great. She was talking to Matty about how you learn stuff as you go and get smarter as you get older. As reported by Carlie:
Carlie: like your Mom, your mom's smart, right?
Matthias: Yes
Carlie: And your dad, he's smart, right?
Matthias: Not so much.

Anna, singing a popular children's church song: Families can be together forever through Heavenly Father's plants.

Anna: Matthias, if you wanna be a gentleman, you'll get me some water.

Anna, to her babysitter who was making herself a snack: Jesus likes it when we share...

Anna: Mom, this water bottle turned to ice.
Me: yes, that's because it's so cold [we were in the car].
Anna: Maybe if I take the lid off, it will melt and turn back to water!
Me: hmm, maybe.
Anna: and then if it gets cold, it will turn back to ice.
Me: that's right!
Anna: That's reversible change!
Me: ..... !!!!!

Anna: I want to be just like you, Mom.

Matthias: Sniff my heart

Matthias: My heart is cold

Matthias, during Sacrament Meeting: If someone's mean, and then they die, they will go to hell.
Me, whispering: shh. If they say sorry, they can go to heaven.
Matthias, not whispering: But if they don't say sorry to Jesus, then they will go to hell.
Me, desperate to have him stop saying "hell" in the middle of the Sacrament: maybe! shh!
We don't talk much about hell at our house so I'm not sure where he's getting this. LOL


HappyClimate said...

That is funny, oh the things children say, especially you children. Ha ha

Ashlee Garn said...

Kids say the darndest things :)