Thursday, August 13, 2009

My Favorite Me Poem

I love to write poetry. I think my favorite one that I've written is this:

Consider the Lilies

My essence was boxed
And buried beneath molded love,
Mildewed affection
And a desert of coal that he told me was diamonds.
Jealous, I was, of the caged bird*
For whom oxygen
Is abundant.

Then I walked by the lilies -- $3.98 a pot --
And smiled for the first time.
Oh, sweet lilies! Oh, gift from God!
Your redolence whispers preludes to freedom.


betsy said...

Hey Stephanie-

Sorry I missed your comment until now! Always glad to have a new stalker. I'll be stalking you back, if you don't mind.

Ashlee Garn said...'re doing as well as me on blogging lately :) I think it's something in the air...I just haven't had the 'gunst' to do it.